Next monthly tournament is on February 8th at Cross Creek Golf Club.  Show time is at 07:00 with free range balls.

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Cross Creek Golf Club
Saturday, February 8, 2020 - Showtime is at 06:30 AM (Meeting at 7:10)
Group 1 - Hole X Group 2 - Hole X
Johnny Guarnes Tee Nua
Danny Mesa Ao Tuamasaga
Tua Tuamasaga Geraldine Guarnes
Noel Cunanan  
Group 3 - Hole X Group 4 - Hole X
Tim Mori Sly Moore
Willie Emerson Homer Morimoto
Joseph Guarnes Monty Montez
Henry Tabanagy Steve Saito
Group 5 - Hole X Group 6 - Hole X
Cesar Ramos Doug Johnston
Norman Montemayor Ralph Cruz
Larry Terrado Servo Soriano
Dick Ruiz Sean Duval
Group 7 - Hole X Group 8 - Hole X
Paul Gomez Mike DeChaves
Steve Greeley Ed Kwok
Gene Gardiner Jerry Kimbrough
Group 9 - Hole X Group 10 - Hole X
Total =
paid fees   *    paid fees & selected side action  *  paid fees & all-in side action
2020 Membership
Willie Emerson Monty Montez
Danny Mesa Geri Yoza
Homer Morimoto Tom Maruko
Joseph Guarnes Johnny Guarnes
Jerry Kimbrough Geraldine Guarnes
Jan Moats Sly Moore
Cesar Ramos Tom Gundy
Steve Saito Ed Kwok
John Morimoto Gerry Dacut
Sean Duval Servo Soriano
Tom Teisher David Johnston
Melanie Batiste Frank Perez
Johnny Mendiola Joenel Averion
Tua Tuamasaga Ao Tuamasaga
Tim Mori Greg Fajardo
Paul Gomez Ron McCormick
Joe Lindsay Nancy Lindsay
John Gurr Steve Greeley
Dick Ruiz Larry Terrado
Noel Cunanan Junior Paulino
Kimo Carlos Gene Gardiner
Cora Trilles Henry Tabangay
Mike DeChaves  


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